ROS training for teachers

Exactly two weeks ago ClearBots were near Viljandi in Männiku Metsatalu to teach ROS to Estonian teachers. In a short video you will see how the robots are following AR markers, mapping the room and navigating.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing in proccess 😀



Started the Course in UT Narva Collage

We are glad to announce that The University of Tartu Narva College started the Course “LOTI.05.080 Programming Robots in ROS” with our lovely ClearBots 🥳 and here you can see how happy our ClearBots are about it 😁
If you want to read more aboute the course, then you can check it out from here: Link to Course

Techchill 2019

Greetings from Riga. We spent the last two days at one of the biggest startup events in the Baltics. It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones 🙂 

Check out what ClearBot can Do!

Check out how ClearBot is able to follow another robot by detecting AR tag with its Intel RealSense Camera.

ClearBots to UT

Hey, hey!

It’s been awhile since we made the last post, but in between we manufactured 15 ClearBots for the University of Tartu to start the Course with them.

Generating pointcloud

In here you can see how ClearBot is mapping an apartment by generating beautiful RGBD pointcloud.

Buildit DemoDay

Today we presented our work at a #buildit demo day.

If you want to see us live, then check out the video down below, where on the 30th minute you can see the cool pitch we made and on the 50th minute an even cooler The Buildit Band performance 😀 

ClearBot is in Stuttgart

Clearbot is today and tomorrow in Stuttgart, in Ros-industrial conference 😀 at the moment Martin Haegel is talking about Robotics trends, impacts in Industry and Society. 🙂

Let the Assembly begin!

Finally, most of the body parts are ready and here  So we can start to assemble the 2nd version of our robot  Here you can see the test of battery release mechanics 

Visiting Robomiku at Robotex 2018

While being in Robotex, we definitely had to visit our friends from

And they made one really cool mapping video together with us.

Robotex 2018

We spent the last two days at Robotex 2018. There we carried out workshops to teach how to control ClearBots through ROS and do 3D mapping.

Hey, I am ClearBot

Hey all!

ClearBot is here to stay.

We are currently working on the second version of ClearBot. It comes with modular wheel design and battery change system. The second generation of ClearBot is more balanced because the battery is brought into center of gravity.