ClearBots to UT

Hey, hey! It’s been awhile since we made the last post, but in between we manufactured 15 ClearBots for the University of Tartu to start the Course with them.

Buildit DemoDay

Today we presented our work at a #buildit demo day. If you want to see us live, then check out the video down below, where on the 30th minute you can see the cool pitch we made and on the 50th minute an even cooler The Buildit Band performance 😀 

ClearBot is in Stuttgart

Clearbot is today and tomorrow in Stuttgart, in Ros-industrial conference 😀 at the moment Martin Haegel is talking about Robotics trends, impacts in Industry and Society. 🙂

Let the Assembly begin!

Finally, most of the body parts are ready and here  So we can start to assemble the 2nd version of our robot  Here you can see the test of battery release mechanics